991.2 GT3RS mcchip-dkr stage1-2 tuning 530hp

New Porsche 991.2 GT3RS Came in for a performance upgrade with mcchip-dkr stage2 software tuning and sound upgrade by Dundone motorsport / Akrapovic exhaust system.


■Green 991.2 GT3RS

Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust, Headers with 100 Cell Sport Cats and Center Muffler

mcchip-dkr stage2 software tuning


■Orange / Red 991.2 GT3RS

Dundon motorsport Center Muffer , Longtube Header with 200 Cell Sport Cats, side Suffer Delete.

mcchip-dkr stage2 software tuning.


■Blue 991.2 GT3RS

Akrapovic exhaust system , Cargraphic Exhaust header with Sport Cats.

mcchip-dkr stage2 software tuning.