Lightweight M2 CSR

A dream in carbon came recently from car tuner Lightweight directly to our company. As the name Lightweight suggests, it was built really light. Most parts are made of the popular carbon fiber. A carbon-ceramic brake system provides the necessary deceleration, and the exhaust system is all made of titanium after our mcpipes downpipe. The abbreviation CSR (Carbon Sport Race) is therefore more than just a hint. 1371 kilos of total weight testify to this (just under 200 Kg lighter than the series)! The delicacy for motorsport fans is certainly the elaborate conversion of the machine. Instead of an M2, the beast contains the complete drive unit of an M4 GTS. An S55 engine with water injection and sequential seven-speed transmission thrones inside. mcchip-dkr turbochargers provide the necessary air throughput. After we handled the software, the performance increased to 621 hp and 767 Nm. Because of the shorter wheelbase of the M2, opposite the M4, the bullet became so beastly that we had to take back some power. 598 hp and 737 Nm were a tolerable measure. A titanium cage and six-point safety belts round off the elegant Coupé

with important safety aspects. Don’t worry: Alcantara and nappa leather provide the necessary comfort in addition to pure-bred motorsports. A harmonious mixture of blue-lined bodywork and red anodized aluminum on the rim and other metallic components make this performance wonder a real eye-catcher!